Our Goal

Beam offers complete turn key solutions, from concept to the manufacturing floor. We are involved from the initial product planning, through the detailed design phases, prototyping, and validation.

Jared Lard
Senior Engineer
Jared is a design engineer with over 15 years of experience in mobile equipment design.  He’s well versed in nearly all areas of mobile equipment design. Jared has specialized in styling, advanced FEA, ergonomics, structural design and engine compartments.

Swapnil Gujarathi
Engineering Manager, Partner
Swapnil has over 15 years of experience and manages a team of engineers located in Nashik India that support nearly all of Beam’s projects.  His role as a partner at Beam Innovation enables access to the vast engineering talent found in India.

Dario Narvaez
Industrial Designer
Dario graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from ICESI University in Colombia.  Daria is a talented sketch artist & designer

Beam's Mission

Tom Hill
Senior Engineer
Tom is a design engineer with over 25 years of experience in mobile equipment design.  Tom is skilled at advanced surfacing, ergonomics, suspension design, structural design and engine compartments.

Joseph Desjardins

Design Engineer

Joseph is a senior at Clemson University majoring in Material Science and Engineering. He is also pursuing a minor in Chemistry. 

Bob Cendrowski
Senior Engineer , Partner
Bob has over 20 years of experience.  His career started in the automotive industry and has branched out to a tremendous portfolio of mobile equipment.  Bob is very talented at advanced surfacing and complex industrial design projects.

Our Team

Paul Elhardt
Partner, Engineering Mgr
Paul has over 20 years of design and is a founding partner at Beam  Innovation.  He specializes in advanced plastics design, advanced FEA and has 20 years of experience in mobile equipment, medical equipment, sporting goods, Utility Vehicles, Agricultural tractors, and automotive applications.

​Chad Helland
Partner, Senior Engineer
Chad has 20 years of valuable design experience in hydraulic systems and electrical systems.  With over 20,000 hrs of proe experience Chad is an advanced proe user.

Business Solutions

Our approach challenges what exists today to envision what will be desired tomorrow. We persistently pursue new and better user solutions that transform categories to create value and drive preference. We challenge the constraints that stifle product innovation to seek out and create new market opportunity. Product Innovation Realized creates positive change and propels companies along the path of meaningful differentiation.

Tony Baxter
Industrial Design Manager
Tony has 23 years of experience in design and is a founding partner of Beam Innovation.  His work has garnered several prestigious awards and takes the lead on Beam’s most complex Industrial Design projects.


Introduction from EJ Smith, BEAM CEO: "Product Development can be a very intimidating adventure for all businesses. In this competitive landscape, it’s extremely important that you have the right talent, the right tools and the right experience to deliver award winning, best in class products. Our Product Development Team at Beam helps our clients innovate with complete confidence and our customers trust that we will deliver consistently. Our goal is to provide a complete product development solution from start to finish".

Mike Flenniken
Business Development
Mike is a retiree with over 30 years of experience at John Deere.  His tremendous portfolio of mobile equipment  enables Beam Innovation  to take on very complex projects.

Alberto Mantilla
Partner,  Industrial Designer
Alberto has over 30 years of experience in industrial design and is a founding partner in Beam Innovation.  His work has been the subject of numerous design awards and articles. Alberto has styled many award winning products for many different industries.

Kevin Shaw, P.E.

Kevin has over 20 years of experience designing mobile equipment and  consume products.  Kevin holds a masters degree in engineering and is licensed as a P.E